An Online Auction to Benefit Hurricane Sandy

Living in Southern California it’s difficult to understand what those who were effected by Hurricane Sandy are going through. I have lived here my entire life and the worst natural disaster that I have experienced was an earthquake which caused a few shelves to come down from the wall. So when I heard that Lauren from Tutus & Tea Parties was hosting an online auction to benefit those in need I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. Please read her statement below and help if you can!

From Lauren at Tutus & Tea Parties…

It’s heartbreaking to hear of tragedy, but it really hits you hard when it’s in your own backyard! We were so fortunate to have had no damage (other than some down trees like the one in the photo), but others lost family members, homes, cars, and so many memories. I would love to set up an auction as a fundraiser to help heal those who have lost so much.Do you have something you’d like to donate? It can be anything from a handmade item to ad space on your blog! Please take a moment to fill out this form. The auction will be posted here on the blog on Sunday November 11th and will be open for a week. All the proceeds made from the auction will be donated to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts. I’d like to thank the other wonderful ladies helping to promote this fundraising event:


Other ways to help:

If you have any questions about the auction, let me know!

Monika, Life With Lovebugs