Duct Tape Halloween Treat Bag 1

I know that you’re thinking this post is a little late because Halloween is only 3 days away. Well, you’re right. It is late! When I went to the SoCal Social blogging event a few weeks ago, inside our swag bag was 2 rolls of Halloween print Duck Tape Brand duct tape. I honestly had no idea what to do with it. But when I realized this weekend that I had not made a treat bag for my youngest, I got an idea.

Duct Tape Halloween Treat Bag

With my two older kids their treat bags were made as soon as the Halloween fabric hit the stores. I took my time to pick out the fabric that I thought would match their personality and would grow with them over the years. But now I have three kids, I run a blog and 2 Etsy shops. Times are tough. Now, granted, he is only 10 months old so it’s not as if he is really going to be going door to door asking for candy but it’s still not fair for him to be the only one without a bag. So here is what I came up with….

Duct Tape Halloween Treat Bag

I took an old gift bag that I had and started to wrap it with duct tape. At first I took on large strip and carefully placed it around the edge. I then realized that it would be easier to cover one side and then the other in two pieces. After covering the whole bag I made handles by cutting two 20 inch pieces and folding each in half. This took me a few tries, it ends up in a crumbles mess the first time. Finally I started folding the edge at one end and slowly worked my way down. I added the straps by using another pieces of duct tape to the inside to hold the straps down.

Not too bad, right? Well, at least for my first time using duct tape….not to bad.

Monika, Life With Lovebugs