Father’s Day Wooden Sign and {Blog Hop}

Today’s post is part of the latest Sharing is Caring Blog Hop – Father’s Day Edition. I have a cute craft that my kids and I made for my husband over the weekend. My favorite part about this craft was when I was tracing their little hands. Each one of them started to giggle because they said the pencil was tickling their hand. Their precious laughter always makes me smile! I hope that my husband will enjoy this wooden sign we made for him as much as enjoyed making it!

Paper Covered Wooden Sign - Life with Lovebugs


  • piece of wood
  • printed paper
  • construction paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Paper glue (such as Mod Podge)
  • sponge/applicator for glue

Fathers Day Wooden Sign Steps - Life With Lovebugs


  1. Cut your printed paper down to the size of the wood.
  2. Spread the glue over the wood with your sponge, then place the printed paper on top. Smooth out the bumps with your hands or you use a credit card to gently swipe back and forth over the paper. Let dry.
  3. While your glue is drying, trace your child’s hand prints on the construction paper and cut them out.
  4. Measure a strip of paper the length of your wood for your top banner. I used a paper punch for “Happy Fathers Day” but you can also use scrap book stickers, stencils or markers.
  5. Glue the “Happy Fathers Day” banner to the top of the wood. Because I used a punch for my letters, before I glued down the banner I glued a solid colored piece of paper so that the letters would stand out.
  6. Next, use your glue to attach the hand prints.

I’m not sure yet how I will finish this sign, I think I will leave it up to my husband. You can add a ribbon on the back to hand it, or just set it on a shelf. You can also make each hand print personal by adding a small picture of each child in the center or having them write their names. However you decide to finish your project, I’m sure it will be special and the Dad in your life will love it!

This post is part of the Sharing is Caring Father’s Day themed hosted by Life With Lovebugs and Powerful Mothering!

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Monika, Life With Lovebugs