Small Business Spotlight: Page261

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For the last seven years I’ve been driving the streets of California in my cherished Suburban. With three small kids I needed the big space in the back for my double stroller and baby/kid gear. Plus, very few cars could fit three baby and toddler car seats! But now that the kids are all in booster seats and we no longer so much gear, my husband and I decided to get a new car. I was dead set against a minivan, but wanted the separated seating so the kids would not be right next to each other fighting over who was taking up more space, or over one kid “breathing too hard”. But the more cars we looked at, the more it became clear that a minivan was the way to go! Soon after buying our Town & Country, I came across the shop Page261 and their hilarious Minivan Mafia coffee cups and tees. You can find out more about this awesome shop in our interview below with the shop owner, Nicke!
Small Business Spotlight: Page261
Tell us about yourself:
Mama of 3, former deaf educator, current creative.
Small Business Spotlight: Page261
Describe your shop & what you sell:
I design coffee mugs and apparel that are for the lovers of monochrome and sarcasm. Known for Minivan Mafia™ and No Shame in my Mom Game.
Small Business Spotlight: Page261
What is your favorite item that you make/sell?
 Minivan Mafia™ and No Shame in My Mom Game are my favorite designs. Minivan Mafia™ is for fun…kind of tongue in cheek and a way to make driving a minivan more about being in a cool club…something other moms can relate to. No Shame in my Mom Game on a more personal, serious level because I am firm believer in no mom shaming and I love that the pieces I have can help moms make that statement.
Small Business Spotlight: Page261
How/When did you start your business?
I began my business at the very end of 2013 making signs and other crafts. I was terrible at it! I then began making mugs and tumblers with my Cricut and vinyl and over the years my brand has really come into its own with my current designs and vibe.
Small Business Spotlight: Page261
Is there anything else you would like to add?
page261 is inspired by REAL life. I am 100% authentic on all of my social media channels and I think part of what makes my small, but loyal following special is that they feel like they really know me….and they do! I LOVE meeting new people on social media and talking about all of the things that connect us in life. Living out my brand is super important to me! So come over and hang out with us…I’d love to meet you :)
Want to become a member of the Minivan Mafia too?
Use code LOVEBUG for 20% off any order over $25!