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Last week was Spring break for the kids and we made plans to visit a few of the local sites. It has been a few years since we went to see The Queen Mary in Long Beach. In fact, the two boys had never even been! On the way to The Queen Mary I told the kids the story about my grandparents. They met during WWII in England and were married. After they had their first child,  my grandparents traveled to the United States where my Grandpa’s family lived. He traveled back with the Air Force, but my Grandmother and her son came to the US on The Queen Mary! She said the trip was exciting, but they the boat was definitely haunted. 

After we parked and walked towards the ship, the kids couldn’t wait to board the ship. It is so impressive up close! We walked around for a bit, looking at the model ships and playing with Legos in The Shipyard while we waited for our Haunted Encounters tour to start. The tour was exciting to hear all about the supernatural encounters the staff and guests have experienced. We took The Glory Days Historical tour next. The Queen Mary has certainly had its fill of excitement. I loved hearing the stories about how The Queen Mary was used as a warship to transport soldiers during WWII and was called The Grey Ghost.  

We visited the 4-D theater to see Spongebob Squarepants – The Jellyfish Rescue. We chose this show over Planet Earth – Shallow Seas because we thought the kids would enjoy it more. WE actually all enjoyed the show very much! The day ended with a self-guided tour through the engine room. This was a little bit spooky after hearing a story during the Haunted Encounters tour about how this room is haunted. The entire day was so much fun, and the kids absolutely loved touring the ship and hearing the stories. In addition to the tours and exhibits, The Queen Mary also hosted movie nights, specialty shows, and holiday events!

Diana: Legacy of a Princess
The current exhibit on the ship is DIANA: LEGACY OF A PRINCESS. Unfortunately, this exhibit is only available for viewing on the weekend and we visited during the week. But, we will be going back to view the exhibit to stayed tuned for those pictures! Here is a brief description of what to expect:

Remembered for her charm, compassion, timeless beauty and classic style; Princess Diana continues to be an icon of inspiration to millions of people worldwide. “Diana: Legacy of a Princess” showcases a priceless collection of evening gowns, dresses, personal accessories, photographs, heirlooms and other cherished memorabilia associated with Princess Diana and the Royal Family.

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