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Home For The Holidays Giveaway!

Home For The Holidays Giveaway! 0

Welcome to the Home for the Holidays Giveaway Hop, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network! We are right in the middle of the Holiday Season, stockings are hung by the Fireplace, the smell of an Evergreen fills your Home… I’ve teamed up with a great group of bloggers that want to fill your home with […]

Chocolate Covered Cookie Balls

Chocolate Covered Cookie Balls 0

Last year for Christmas I made chocolate covered Oreos to add to my cookie tins and game them to family and friends. Everybody loved them! This year I wanted to make the same cookies, but I wanted to change them up a bit so I tried these cookie balls. They were very easy to make, but did take some time to cover them all with chocolate. If I make them(…)

Knott’s Berry Farm New Years Eve Celebration!

Knott’s Berry Farm New Years Eve Celebration! 0

Last year we went to the New Year’s Eve celebration at Knott’s Berry Farm and this year we’re doing it again! There will be special fireworks, live entertainment, and extended hours, plus rides and attractions of course! This one-night-only celebration provides family fun for all ages. You can count down the New Year(…)

25 Holiday Party Appetizers

25 Holiday Party Appetizers 0

This holiday season will no doubt have it’s fair share of parties to celebrate the season! Whether it’s Christmas or New Years, gathering together with friends and family is always so much fun and nothing brings family together like good food. When I plan a party I want my guests to have fun, but(…)

Disney Pixar’s New Movie: INSIDE OUT

Disney Pixar’s New Movie: INSIDE OUT 0

I watch the trailer yesterday for the new Disney/Pixar movie and I had to share – it looks so good! As a parent, a movie about what goes on inside the minds of both parents and kids alike is hilarious and, of course, relateable. Read on to find out more about this movie… About the […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside by Idina Menzel And Michael Bublé

Baby It’s Cold Outside by Idina Menzel And Michael Bublé 0

You have surely heard this classic Christmas song more than once this holiday season! This version with two kids lip syncing to Idina Menzel And Michael Bublé singing Baby It’s Cold Outside is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. They have even changed a of the lyrics that previously mentioned alcohol and cigarettes […]

Persimmon Cranberry Holiday Bread

Persimmon Cranberry Holiday Bread 0

If you’ve never seen a persimmon, they look  a little bit like a tomato, only orange. They taste sweet too, so they are perfect for using in treats. There are 2 kinds of persimmons: Fuyu and Hachiya. The Fuyu variety is what I’m more familiar with, they can be eaten while still firm or once they […]

Santa’s Little Helper Giveaway Hop!

Santa’s Little Helper Giveaway Hop! 71

Welcome to the Santa’s Little Helper Giveaway Hop, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network! We all know that everyone could use a little help around the Holidays, so for this event I’ve teamed up with some fantastic bloggers to be your Santa’s Little Helper! You might find the perfect gift for a little one on your list […]

Mini Christmas Tree Side Table Decor

Mini Christmas Tree Side Table Decor 2

Over the weekend my Instagram feed was filled with friends from all over beginning their Christmas decorating. But in my house, we don’t start decorating until December. So today I have my first Christmas project for you! This mini tree project is part of the December Dollar Bin Challenge, a few blogger friends and myself bought […]

Craftsy’s HUGE Black Friday Sale!

Craftsy’s HUGE Black Friday Sale! 0

  Craftsy is having a HUGE sale this weekend! They reduced all 556 of their classes to just $19.99 – Sewing, Quilting, Gardening, Cooking and so much more! These classes are a great way to learn a new skill or craft. They are also great gifts for friends and family. You can even get a […]

The Importance of Making a Budget

The Importance of Making a Budget 0

Whether you’re trying to get out of debt, or saving for your child’s college fund financial peace of mind is important to all of us. Be sure to check out the Black Friday deals that Capital One 360 is offering this weekend to help you get started!(…)

Silhouette’s Black Friday Deals

Silhouette’s Black Friday Deals 0

The Black Friday Deals have started early at Silhouette! This is their biggest sale of the year with (6) machine bundles available, 40% off materials, and 50% off designs. You can buy a machine for as low as $99! I already have the Cameo and absolutely love it so I’ll be spending my time over […]

Holiday Treat Cards

Holiday Treat Cards 0

The holidays are quickly approaching and my kids have been asking what they can make to give to our family members. One of my favorite things about the holidays is that they weather gets cooler and we are able to turn the oven on and bake goodies all day long! My kids are getting to […]

Cranberry Pecan Oatmeal Bars

Cranberry Pecan Oatmeal Bars 0

During the holidays it seems as if all I do is baking, which isn’t a bad thing! I love to make cakes, cookies, and treats for my family and friends so during the last few months of the year I take advantage of the cooler temperatures, turn on the oven and bake all day. The […]

25 Holiday Pie Recipes

25 Holiday Pie Recipes 0

Today’s post is brought to you by Foodie.com and it’s going to make your holidays a little bit brighter!  A few years ago for Thanksgiving dinner I decided to forget the pumpkin pie and opted for apple instead. It was a nice change and now each year I try a different pie recipe for dinner […]