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DIY Soothing Shower Melts

DIY Soothing Shower Melts 0

Recently my kids and I caught a nasty cold that lasted almost two weeks! We used my homemade Vapor Rub, drank Apple Cider Vinegar, and got lots of sleep. It was a tough time for all of us and I was so sick of feeling stuffed up and congested. I’ve been wanting to try these […]

Step2 Play Up Gym Set Giveaway

Step2 Play Up Gym Set Giveaway 0

It’s been pretty cold lately across much of the US and that has us thinking one thing – Spring! We can’t wait to get back outside and enjoy some warmth and sunshine! Thanks to the generous people at Step2, one lucky family is going to have a brand new Play Up Gym Set to enjoy […]

30 Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

30 Vegetarian Dinner Recipes 0

A few years ago I came to the realization that I am just not a fan of meat. I don’t like cooking it, and I really don’t even enjoy eating it! But I had always thought of vegetarian meals as a salad, or a plate of noodles with marinara sauce. However I have discovered that […]

Celebrate the Lunar New Year at SeaWorld

Celebrate the Lunar New Year at SeaWorld 0

This past weekend my family and I were invited to SeaWorld San Diego to kick off their Lunar New Year Celebration! My Dad and his family came to the United States from Hong Kong, and as a child I can remember celebrating the Lunar New Year at my Grandmother’s house. I was excited to see […]

Popcorn Candy Bars & Movie Night!

Popcorn Candy Bars & Movie Night! 0

For the last few years we have made Friday night our family movie night. Now that the kids are in school the weekend mean so much more and its fun to end the week with a little bit of fun.We usually order a pizza and then get our snacks ready to watch our movie. Sometimes we watch a movie we’ve seen before, and(…)

Valentine’s Day Pop-up Card

Valentine’s Day Pop-up Card 0

One of my goals for the new year is to send cards to my family for every holiday. It might sound strange in this age of email and e-cards, but I love receiving cards in the mail and I know my family and friend do too! This Valentine’s Day card is a fun way to send […]

Game Day OREO Cookie Balls

Game Day OREO Cookie Balls 2

There’s a big game coming up, maybe you’ve heard? Whether you’re a sports fan or not, planning a party with your family and friends is always fun! Appetizers and dips will surely be on the menu, but what about dessert? Today I’m sharing with you a delicious and easy treat – OREO Cookie Balls! No matter(…)

20 Party Perfect Dip Recipes

20 Party Perfect Dip Recipes 0

Dips make great appetizers for holiday parties and weekend barbecues, or even just a casual get together with friends! I like to make salsa and guacamole for my guests but it’s always nice to change it up a bit. I found a few recipes that look delicious and I can’t wait to try them! You […]

Valentines Day No Sew Treat Bags

Valentines Day No Sew Treat Bags 0

Giving candy to friends and family for Valentine’s Day is always fun, and each year my daughter and I try to come up with unique ideas for our gift giving. We wanted to go beyond creative cards so we decided to make cute packaging for the candy instead. These no-sew treat bags were easy to make and turned […]

30+ Breakfast Casseroles

30+ Breakfast Casseroles 0

One of my favorite dishes to cook is a casserole, mostly because they are so easy! They are great dishes to make for breakfast or dinner, and you can customize them to fit your taste. I love to make casseroles for breakfast when I have company over, or on the morning of a holiday so that I can spend more time(…)

Decoupage Valentine’s Day Candy Holders

Decoupage Valentine’s Day Candy Holders 2

We’re at it again! A few of my friends and I have another Dollar Bin Challenge and this time we purchased these glass test tubes at Michaels Arts & Crafts for $1.50 each. There were two different kinds of test tubes that we could choose from – one with a cork stopper and one with a […]

10 Healthy Living Cookbooks

10 Healthy Living Cookbooks 0

Some of the most common New Years resolutions have something to do with cooking! Maybe you want to cook more often rather than eating out, or maybe you want to cook healthier meals. I love to eat healthy, fresh foods but buying so many ingredients can be expensive and the preparation can take more time […]