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About the Editor

My name is Monika. I grew up in Orange County, CA but recently moved to Texas with my husband, our daughter, and our two sons. We love to find new and interesting places all over the San Antonio area to visit. Every Friday is pizza and movie night, but we can never agree on which movie to watch!

How I got started….

After working in the Real Estate industry for almost 10 years I decided to become a stay at home mom. Shortly after my second child was born I found myself wanting to work again but still have time to spend with my kids. So I decided to start an Etsy shop.

About 6 months after opening my shop I started a blog as a way to promote it. I had no idea that this would open up my life to a whole new world! I loved sharing recipes, crafts, parenting stories, everything with my readers. Once I found out just how much I could do with my blog, it was apparent that I had outgrown the shop-promotion blog and needed to start something bigger.

I started Life With Lovebugs shortly after I found out we were excepting out third child. I still wanted to share with others all of the great recipes,  DIY projects and healthy living tips that I found but with this new addition came more topics for me to write about – money-saving tips! I started finding ways to make my own cleaning supplies and beauty products, which lead to so many great healthy living resources. I am happy to share all of my great finds with other moms out there who are trying to make it work at home with their little lovebugs like I am!

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me…..

1. I have 5 sisters who are my best friends and my support team!
2. When I was in high school I always wanted 10 kids….now I am more than happy with my 3!
3. I always have a pen and paper with me in case I suddenly become inspired by an idea because if I don’t write it down I will most definitely forget it. And then I will drive myself nuts trying to remember it again.
4. I love to make people laugh and will try anything in order to cheer up a friend.
5. I have an obsession with stationery. As a kid, I would write letters all the time on cute paper with matching envelopes. I don’t write too many letters anymore but still have tons of stationery.
6. I love science fiction shows and movies.
7. My favorite part about the holidays is getting Peppermint ice cream at the grocery store.
8. I have always wanted to go to Australia. It looks like fun and I would love to see a kangaroo or a koala bear somewhere other than the zoo.
9. My favorite food is pizza a followed by strawberry ice cream.
10. I taught myself how to use a sewing machine, but I’d love to take a few classes to learn more!

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and how I got here. I am so happy to have the opportunity to share my life with you!


Monika Bee, Editor in Chief

Please feel free to contact us at any time using the form below or by sending an email to LifeWithLovebugs@gmail.com.

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