The Importance of Play for Kids

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Living in Southern California we are fortunate to spend time outdoors all year round. My kids and I love to take hikes, go to local parks or to the beach. Even just playing in the backyard is an adventure! My youngest son, Jack, is not in school yet, so we get to explore often. I love to see the wheels turning in his head every time he climbs to the top of a hill, or the excitement on his face when he flies down a slide at the playground. Playtime is so important to us, not only for fun but for learning too! Playtime allows children to use their imagination, be creative, encourages problem-solving, improves social skills, and so much more.

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We plan to go to local playgrounds at least once a week, this week we went to Alta Laguna Park. This park was designed by Landscape Structures with playtime in mind! Jack climbed up to the highest tower and used the periscope to see the mountains. He pretened to be the captain of a ship, looking for an island to dig up buried treasure. Once be spotted land he used the slide to quickly make his way towards the sand sifter where the treasure was apparently hidden. Next, he found a wooden bridge that he crossed over and over again pretending that his shipmates were following along.

When we’re at the park my normally shy little man is suddenly full of adventure and brave as can be. He grew up going to the playground with his older brother and sister, and never left their side. But since we’ve been going to parks and playgrounds more often, he’s been forced to interact with others if he doesn’t want to play alone and this has increased his self-confidence and improved his social skills. Together the kids can create adventures, putting their problem-solving skills to the test as they decide what comes next in the story they have created.  Independent play can help kids to become more confident in themselves, and social play can sharpen their leadership skills. Without even knowing it, these kids are learning as they play the day away!

“For A Better Tomorrow, We Play Today”

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The Importance of Play for Kids