20 Fall Writing Prompts for Kids

20 Fall Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

Creative writing was always a favorite activity of mine when I was a kid. Originally I started having my kids practice creative writing as a way for them to prevent the summer slide. But they enjoyed it so much I continued with it during the school year.

Creative writing allows kids to practice using their imaginations and broadens their thought processes, which can lead to success in many areas, including problem-solving and analysis. It also improves writing, spelling, and penmanship skills.

To get started with creative writing you can visit your local dollar store and buy composition books, pencils, crayons, and markers. Then, each week give your kids a topic, or story starter, to write about and they can work on their story for about 20 minutes every day.

The writing prompts I have provided below are not only for older kids who are experienced writers. Young kids can use the prompts to create a story by drawing pictures or using stickers. 

Here are a few fall-themed ideas for your children to write about,  I hope they will keep your writing adventures fun and enjoyable!

  1. Create a list of (10) words that make you think of fall. Then, choose 3 to write a story about.
  2. What are some things that you might see, hear, or smell outside during fall?
  3. During fall there are fewer hours of daylight. Write down a few ideas describing why that could be good, and why it could be bad.
  4. What are your favorite foods and drinks to eat during fall and why?
  5. Where you live, do you see the changes that fall brings outside to the landscape around you? If yes, describe the changes. If no, write about what you would like to see change outside.
  6. If you were a tour guide in your city during fall, where would you take visitors? Places, restaurants, parks, museums, etc.
  7. Write a story about a few animals that you might associate with fall. What are they doing during this season? Why?
  8. What are some activities that you can do during fall? Do you like them? Why, or why not?
  9. When fall begins, what will you miss the most about summer?
  10. If you could choose the colors that leaves turn during fall, which ones would you choose? What would your community look like?
  11. Imagine that you’re a scarecrow. What does a day look like from your point of view?
  12. Write a story about the world’s largest pumpkin. Where does it grow? Who takes care of it? What happens after it stops growing?
  13. The weather starts to get cooler during fall. What do you like to do to stay warm?
  14. During fall some animals store food for the winter. If you had to store food for the winter, which foods would you gather? Why?
  15. If you were to take a walk in the wood during fall, what would you see and hear?
  16. Imagine you lived in a giant pumpkin. What would it be like? What problems might you experience?
  17. What superpower would make fall better? Why?
  18. Research fruits and vegetables that grow in your area during fall. Which ones would you like to grow in your backyard? What obstacles might you face growing these in your garden?
  19. If I were a squirrel during fall, I would….
  20. You’ve been hired to plan a fall festival for your town. What activities would you plan? What kinds of foods would you offer?

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This article was originally published in 2019 and has been updated for 2020.


Monika is a mom to 3 little lovebugs. She loves to laugh, write, craft, play and try new DIY projects. She started Life With Lovebugs as a way to share all of her household tips, recipes and playtime activities with other moms.

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